We are an online dispensary for cannabis and cannabis products

order marijuana online EU was founded in 2007 after seeing how difficult it was getting weed online with the dream of bringing the herb and its products closer to weed lovers

Today known as the Cannabis Walmart or the Walmart of the Cannabis Industry, we play a leading role in online sale of marijuana, hash, hash oil, cannabis and cannabis products

We are a member of the National Cancer Institute spearheading cannabis and cannabinoids research as an effort to help alleviate cancer. Chris Cannabis Shop is one of the main supporters of the American Cancer Institute

We operate as a business in order support to our dream of making cannabis and cannabis products as accessible as possible

We believe in the Bob Marley Quote  “Live for yourself and you will live in vain; live for others, and you will live again. “ hence we do this for our customers. If you will like to Partner with Us you can Contact Us as we are open to partnersorder marijuana online EU


Our San Francisco CA, Denver CO and Amsterdam, Netherlands farm  

order marijuana online EU  farms  are spread all over U.S.A and Europe in order to make delivery as easy as possible. Our USA clients are being served from products locally grown from San Francisco CA and Denver CO farms. and serving Europe from our Amsterdam, Netherlands farms.

However,  with our USA clients always wanting to try products from Europe and European clients aspiring to try products from USA farms, we keep small quantities of both products in each of our shops  and you can order which ever product from our online dispensary



With farms in San Francisco CA, Denver,CO, and Amsterdam, Netherlands we offer products ranging from cannabis, hemp flower, hemp oil, medical marijuana and marijuana products. Our products pricing ranges from $50 and above and only to users above 18 years of age.However, cancer related products like hemp oil or any cannabis or marijuana products are sold to mothers even if it is intended for use on their children as we are an active member for the fight against cancer.
We also offer preSales and after sales support and ensure that all products reach their destination even after leaving our facility.(This only apply only if you choose Chris Cannabis Shop as being responsible for products until they ship out) in which case we take responsibility of your product from when it is paid for until you confirm it is in your hands.


Discrete Mailing..Firstly, when shipping we consider security so all packages are triple sealed with silicon paper making them airtight and smell locked and therefore 100% safe for mailing, All orders from within USA are shipped from local farms in San Francisco CA and Denver CO while orders within Europe are shipped from our Amsterdam(Netherlands) farms in order to reduce the risk of custom searches and customs fees where applicable. Orders from within USA are shipped via regular mail using USPS, UPS, or Marble Logistics which takes 2 days depending on the customers choice. However, we ship with priority mails and same day deliveries for Express order although the might be a price difference.  All orders within Europe are mailed as regular mails with UK Mail, PostNL or Marble Logistics and takes between 2-3 depending on package destination. Note that all packages are provided a tracking number to enable customers keep track of their parcels while on transit until it gets to them